Tao Face Yoga Programs

Let your beauty grow, not fade with age.

5-week face yoga programs are full of rejuvenating and deep healing sessions that help you age gracefully with natural and holistic techniques. I will teach you how to recover your youthful glow by stimulating your facial muscles, activating your glands, and balancing your hormones. With only 15 mindful minutes a day, you can enhance your natural beauty and gently slow down the aging process.


Lift the saggy parts of your face, and improve the look of your droopy eyelids, jowls and double chin.


Tone your facial muscles with exercises designed to  bring back volume to your cheeks and other parts of your face.


Activate your rejuvenation hormones by accessing the most important glands in your brain that form your “Crystal Palace.”

What is Tao Face Yoga?

TAO Face Yoga or Juicy Face LiftingTM is a facial gymnastic program designed to train your facial muscles and activate the most important glands in your head. With this potent holistic practice you can flip on your “rejuvenation switch” by increasing blood flow to the brain, balancing your hormones, and strenghtening your facial muscles, which results in smoothed wrinkles and a youthful appearance. 

Among other benefits, TAO Face Yoga programs can help you bring volume back to the cheeks, reduce dark circles and give you a natural facelift. Increased blood flow to the brain helps you to increase focus, ease chronic headaches, and eliminate the so-called brain fog.

Tao face yoga is a perfect fit if you want to:

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What to expect from Tao Face Yoga Program?

At the start of our 5-week individual face yoga course, we will first discuss your concerns and goals. We’ll then observe your facial characteristics and weakest areas. In our face reading session, we will determine the general state of your body and observe your skin to discover what’s going on with your internal organs and hormones. 

Based on this analysis, I will create a 5-week exercise plan tailored to your face type and your main concerns.

In the following sessions, I will show you how to practice your facial exercises properly, use your hands to apply pressure, and make sure you’re not creating more wrinkles. We’ll also explore different massage techniques, breathing exercises, and acupressure points to make your practice even more effective.

* Individual Tao Face Yoga sessions can be held in English, French or Slovenian language

Your Investment

320€ per personalized 5-week program

*The payment can be made in two installments of 160€.

What's Included

Certified by Savina Atai x Mantak Chia

Under Savina Atai’s mentorship, I have completed all of the certified courses in Tao Mastery School.  Savina Atai and  world-renowned Taoist Master Mantak Chia are the creators behind the revolutionary Tao Face Yoga method which is the base of my  program as well. Because your health is of uttermost importance to me, I put great emphasis on getting proper training from trusted teachers and sources.