Tao Face Yoga: The ultimate face training for a youthful glow

Tao Face Yoga is a natural rejuvenating practice created by Savina Atai and Taoist Master Mantak Chia. It trains all 57 facial muscles and activates the essential glands in your head, leaving your face refreshed and youthful with only 15 minutes of practice each day.

Tao Face Yoga is a holistic approach to beauty, combining the roles of an aesthetician, endocrinologist, and stress coach all in one. By strengthening and lifting your muscles, you can bring volume back to your cheeks, smooth wrinkles, lift corners of the mouth and sculpt your face.

How does Tao Face Yoga work?

Tao Face yoga focuses on toning your facial and cranial muscles and activating the main glands in your head. Flexing the muscles increases the blood circulation to the brain and oxygenates your glands, ensuring every single cell in your body is functioning correctly. When you keep your cells healthy, youthful, hydrated, and energized, you start glowing from the inside out, and it all begins with fit facial and cranial muscles.

Think of your head as the CEO’s office of your health and wellbeing.

 It contains a switch that enables you to rejuvenate yourself from within by activating the essential glands in your brain, your “Crystal Palace.” It consists of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and pineal gland, which can easily deteriorate under prolonged stress.

Are your running out of juice?

When exposed to an unhealthy lifestyle, no rest, and always being on the go, the glands in your brain can “dry up” and resemble dried-up wrinkly raisins. They become so depleted that they can no longer perform their job of producing hormones and controlling all other endocrine glands in the body.

On the other hand, at optimal performance, these glands can help you effectively resist stress, find solutions to your problems quickly, and slow down the process of aging. The stronger and “juicier” they are, the healthier, luscious, and more powerful YOU will be. 

By doing face exercises, you can increase circulation to the brain and the oxygenation of the entire body. This transforms your sad raisins back into juicy grapes and helps your skin regain its radiance. That’s why Tao Face Yoga is much more than just looking younger or getting a” natural” facelift. It’s a way for you to rejuvenate your entire body by accessing the “switch” inside your head and master the art of aging well.

Tao Face Yoga and traditional Chinese medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is very common to use the face as a diagnostic tool to “read” what’s happening inside our body. This holistic approach can help us determine the state of our internal organs by simply observing different facial areas and the state of our skin. 

For example, the prominent 11 lines between our eyebrows can point to a liver energy imbalance, and drooping corners of the mouth indicate a sagging uterus. Even wrinkles are related to different energy blockages and the state of specific organs. 

Ancient Taoist masters knew how important muscles are, especially the circular muscles they named “Windows of Life and Death.” We women have five circular muscles, 3 of which are found on the face: two ocular muscles (orbicularis occuli) and the mouth muscle (orbicularis oris). The weaker these muscles are, the faster we age and the less energetic we are. 

Facial muscles as a gateway to your brain

Unlike skeletal muscles, your facial muscles attach to other muscles or onto your skin. This allows you to make facial expressions, like smiling, frowning, or sulking. They are much smaller and more connected than the muscles of your body, which is why even the smallest muscles about the size of millet grain support other, heavier muscles of the face.

This is why Tao Face Yoga exercises can also help us access our brain, the glands, the nervous system, and hundred acupressure points laying beneath the skin and muscle tissue. When all 57 muscles on your face and neck are toned, and in their rightful place, your entire body functions as it should. 

Turning on the "rejuvenation switch" in your head

The rejuvenation process always starts in our heads. Did you know that heavy metals accumulate in the brain in more significant quantities than in any other part of the body? Or that we store our deepest traumas and fears there as well? There is much more going in our heads that we could possibly know. After all, our brain is active all the time – even when we’re sleeping. 

Through regular Tao Face Yoga practice, we can help our body gently release traumas, support the healing process, stop self-sabotaging, tap into our potential, and start living the life we deserve. 

Balance your hormones, balance your life

Even though traditional eastern medicine and modern western medicine approach many things differently, they both agree that the body’s main health switches reside in our glands and brain. Tao Face Yoga is one of the most effective ways of activating these ‘switches’ by providing our endocrine and nervous systems with the electricity they need for all the cells in the body to function optimally.

When your master glands are full of hormonal and neurotransmitter juices (namely melatonin, serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, and the growth hormone), they can direct your body like a well-tuned endocrine orchestra and reignite your rejuvenating sex hormones. When in tune, your hormones create a symphony of health within your body that helps you rejuvenate physically, mentally and, spiritually.

Eager to try Tao Face Yoga yourself?

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