Juicy Hacking: The ultimate anti-aging practice for women

Juicy Hacking™ is a biohacking method developed by Savina Atai and Taoist Master Mantak Chia, who wanted to pass on ancient Taoist rejuvenation secrets to modern women who want to regain their feminine power. Juicy hacking helps us understand and reconnect to our cyclical nature, which opens the door to more health, energy, creativity, and pleasure in our daily lives. 

By syncing with three golden cycles, you can unlock the power of your hormones and tap into your highest potential. All you need to know is how to track your menstrual cycle, what time of the year it is, and how to keep up with your body clock.

Juicy Hacking isn't just another biohacking trend.

In the past couple of years, “biohacking” has become a popular movement across the globe. It combines everything from extreme diets to supplements, breathing techniques, training methods, and other approaches to optimize the body’s physical performance and success in other areas of life.

The main goal of biohacking is to push the limits of the body’s capacity within a 24-hour window, raise your energy, and help you manage stress better. However, it is usually tailored to the male body, which is not designed cyclically like a female body is. 

Women are not small men!

Even though more and more women jump on the biohacking trend, it is not serving them as well as it should. Why is that? Women are not small men, but medical and nutritional researchers are often treating them as such. Women in their childbearing years are often excluded from clinical research studies. Research samples include only women that are not experiencing hormonal changes (be it women in menopause, women on birth control, or women in the first phase of their menstrual cycles). These studies do injustice to women that experience hormonal changes every month of their cycle, as the functioning of their bodies is completely different from those included in the research samples.

When we’re not considering our female cyclical functioning, a couple of things are bound to happen:

➜ Techniques developed for a male body won’t work

➜ We might experience even more health-related concerns

➜ We won’t be able to keep up with the fast-paced world during different stages of our monthly cycle

So how can we unlock our body’s fullest potential as women then? The answer is simple – exploring and understanding the cyclicity of the universe first.

The cyclicity of the Universe

If you think about it, all processes in nature are cyclical; from the Sun’s orbit, to the seasons, the Moon phases, day and night, the tides, and the circle of life. 

Hormonal and menstrual cycles are not different. Ancient cultures already knew this, so why are we ignoring it today? When we go back to the roots and harness the cyclical nature of our bodies, we can improve our health and well-being, so why don’t we?

If we expect our body to function the same all the time (regardless of the time of year, our menstrual cycle, and hours of the day), we are swimming against the current of nature and further away from the Universe’s cyclicity.

The linear modern world a.k.a. "It's a man's world"

The culture in which we live right now prioritizes men’s linear and individual functioning and performance. While they are influenced by two of the three golden cycles (seasons and circadian rhythm), their hormones (particularly testosterone) change only according to the circadian rhythm.

MORNING: The level of testosterone, the hormone responsible for focus and productivity, is at its’ highest. That’s why men are often the most productive at work before lunchtime.

AFTERNOON: Testosterone levels start to fall, and estrogen begins to rise – it’s an ideal time to hang out with friends. Why do you think “Happy Hours” were invented? 

EVENING: Testosterone levels are at their lowest in the evening, cueing it’s time to calm down.

But have you ever wondered why it is so difficult for you as a woman to maintain high focus and productivity on certain days of the month? 

Why 9-5 is wearing women out

Do you ever feel like the most important business meetings are always scheduled too early, and it would suit you much better if they were scheduled around noon?

If we compare the female productivity chart (governed by our hormonal fluctuations) with the current working schedule, you’d be surprised to discover no connection between them. This happens because the work schedule is adapted to the male model of operation and their biorhythmic clock. But as we already learned – women are not small men.

The 9-5 work schedule suited to male hormones could be one of the main reasons why the number of women suffering from reproductive diseases or infertility is directly proportional to the increase in the number of women involved in the business world from World War II.

Of course, this kind of operating is not optimal for us, but it has become normalized because we have been following it for decades. But when something is normalized, that does not mean that it is also the most productive. So how can we optimize it?

So, what can be done?

Our hormonal changes have a much more significant impact on our well-being and productivity than we know. Therefore, if we genuinely want to achieve maximum productivity, we need to sync with our monthly menstrual cycle and “hack our hormones.” (a.k.a. Juicy Hacking)

How to hack your female hormones

If women want to contribute to the evolution of the world and prevent further health problems, it is time to redefine the rules of healthy living, time management, and the concept of success. It is time to look at them from a female’s point of view.

Even if you are lucky enough not to suffer from hormone-related health problems, Juicy Hacking allows you to tap into the primordial power of your feminine nature. 

You need to be aware that although you are just as capable as a man (if not more), biologically, you are not the same. Just look at your menstrual cycle – different phases of your cycle offer you unique gifts and superpowers. Be grateful you’re not the same every day, and learn how to use that to bring you closer to being successful at anything you set your mind to.

Unlearn the principles adapted to men

It’s time to unlearn how to act by the principles of productivity adapted to men. It can damage your immune system, thyroid function, metabolism, reproductive organs, adrenal glands, digestion, detoxification system, skin, and so on. I know it sounds scary, but you carry the solution to all of this in you already. 

Rejuvenation has nothing to do with fancy eye creams and the latest beauty trends but all with knowing nourishing your body and swimming with the cycles of nature.

Harnessing the power of the three golden cycles

When you align yourself with the three golden cycles, you become better at listening to your body and interpreting the subtle signs it sends you. You’ll notice its energy rising and falling during different seasons, times of the day, and days of your menstrual cycle. You’ll feel when it’s time to create, play, rest and reflect. Instead of wearing out, you’ll be able to swim with the current of your hormones and unlock the doors to abundance and rejuvenation. 

What are the three golden cycles?

➜ The seasons (Spring, summer, late summer, autumn, winter)

➜ The daily cycle or the biorhythmic clock

➜ The menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle (after menopause)

All of these three cycles are divided into five phases based on the TCM 5 Element Theory. Ancient Taoist scholars believed that you could make the most out of your energy and specific organs by nourishing them at their peak. To make this concept easy to understand, I use the 5 Women Framework to explain it to my clients.

You can read more about it in this article: 5 Women Within You: Discover your inner Mage, Visionary, Mesmerizer, Healer, and Empress

Eager to apply Juicy Hacking to your life?

In its essence,  Juicy Hacking™ is a way of life that allows us, women, to eliminate potential hormonal imbalances and live life at the height of our optimal potentials, both in terms of health, relationships, intimacy, and career.

You can start by creating mindful habits surrounding your diet, exercise, relationships, and workload according to the three golden cycles. Because every woman is unique, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. 

You’ll get the best results if you follow a practice tailored to your needs which will continue to nourish you for the years to come. To learn more about how I can assist you with this, make sure you check out my Health and Nutrition Coaching Program. 

Remember, women are beings of abundance by nature – capable of creating new life from within. This is also true for your personal growth, success, and pleasure. Every day, you can use your gift to expand, heal, and grow into a more radiant you with the alchemy of cyclicity.

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