Health & Nutrition Coaching

12-week guidance to a more balanced and radiant life.

Health and nutrition coaching is my signature 12-week program based on 3 golden cycles; the seasons, your menstrual cycle and the circadian rhythm. Together we’ll create a holistic and personalized action plan, to invite more balance and radiance in your life.  In this intimate and supportive environment, you’re going to discover the tools and techniques that will help you connect with your body and your purpose. My goal is to help you find a path to sustainable health and mindful living, not putting you on a strict diet or show you quick-fix solutions.


Find your balance with mindful steps and practices that will make you feel good in your skin.


Help your body heal by giving it exactly what it needs to keep supporting you through life.


Expand past your limiting beliefs and patters, that prevented you from leaning into your power.

Why Choose Mindful Glow?

The Mindful Glow Method combines all-natural rejuvenation techniques for improving your health, appearance, and longevity. My coaching programs form a bridge between ancient Taoist wisdom and modern research on well-being, helping you radiate from deep within. 

I’m here to keep you motivated, hold you accountable and encourage you to move toward your wellness goals and lasting healthy lifestyle changes, with mindful steps and practices.

Health & Nutrition coaching is perfect if you:


When you do the right things at the right time, you unlock your potential of self-healing, balance your hormones and recharge your physical and mental well-being

What to expect from health and nutrition coaching?

Before starting our 12-week wellness journey, I will first ask you to complete your health history form, where you’ll have to describe your symptoms, health history and main health-related goals. During our sessions, I’ll be holding space for you and nudging you in the right direction, so you can lean in and learn how to listen to your body. 

We will define and address any underlying causes of your symptoms step by step, so your body gets a chance to heal itself by itself. You’ll learn how you can apply TCM techniques to enhance your body’s natural healing powers and support the processes within so you can feel good and confident in your skin.

 After each session, you will receive clear and actionable steps, including dietary and supplement suggestions, stress-relieving practices, and other holistic tools to help you achieve your goals.

Your Investment


* If you aim to reach profound life-changing results, I recommend a 6-months engagement.

** I offer a 15% Paid in Full Discount when 12 sessions package is paid in advance.

What's Included

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I have completed my health coaching certification at IIN, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I also completed specializations in hormonal health and gut health.

Certified by Savina Atai x Mantak Chia

Under Savina Atai and Master Mantak Chia, I have finished all of the certified courses in Tao Mastery School. Their revolutionary rejuventation methods are the base of my programs.