About Me

And the birth of the Mindful Glow method

Welcome, dear glow seeker!

My name is Urška, and I’m a longevity enthusiast who loves trying new superfoods, exploring holistic rejuvenation techniques, and calling her plants by human names. 

Even though I love baking healthy sweets I still can’t resist my hubby’s pasta, but between you and me, this kind of balance is the key to a healthier and happier life. Everybody needs a little bit of “La Dolce Vita” in their life and what a better way to learn how to embrace it than marrying an Italian who loves to cook? They invented it afterall.

Restricting yourself to maintain your ideal weight or completely giving up red wine is not the key to longevity and rejuvenation. It’s about listening to your body, nourishing it, and knowing how to support it through different stages of your life. 

Suppose you’re incredibly busy, feeling sluggish and not quite yourself, but craving some change. I created Mindful Glow for women just like you – to help you connect with your body and step into a healthier and more radiant version of yourself. 

You already have everything you need inside you.

My role is to help you enlighten the way towards your personal transformation.

With a holistic approach to mindset, nutrition, movement, and rejuvenation techniques, Mindful Glow is a new way of approaching wellness and health. By forming a bridge between ancient Taoist wisdom and modern medicine, it helps you create and maintain long-lasting impact on  your health, appearance, and longevity.

Finding my Ikigai

I grew up in Slovenia in a small village surrounded by a forest. As a child, I was the happiest when I could help my mom in our vegetable garden and explore new healthy recipes. I also enjoyed reading, learning new things, and helping others with my advice.

I was studying to become a lawyer, but I fell in love with a handsome Italian and moved with him to Paris. I was instantly seduced by its energy and traded my lawyer’s robe for a career in luxury fashion. But something felt off. After a couple of years in the fashion industry, I came across a Japanese concept of IKIGAI, which translates to “a reason for being” or one’s life purpose. And I asked myself, “Urška, have you found your Ikigai yet?” And then it hit me.

I realized I was completely out of touch with myself and my purpose – helping others become better versions of themselves. 

I wasn’t happy with my life, and it started showing on my face, body, and overall health. My eczema got worse, and after visiting dozens of doctors and trying every single cream, supplement, or diet, I realized I need to look deeper. For results that would last longer than a couple of weeks, I needed to look past what was happening on the surface and look into what was going on in my body. 

Stress and anxiety kept me running in circles. My skin condition couldn’t improve until I found my inner calm, learned to listen to my body, and started living mindfully. I realized that creating the life I love will come down to having a sense of purpose, not buying another designer bag.

So at the age of 29, I felt it was time for a new chapter of my life (yeah, not everyone finds their Ikigai right after high school, and that’s OK.)

You Are Always On The Right Path

It is never too late or too soon to reinvent yourself, change direction and choose to follow your true purpose.

I have always had a nerd gene in me. Once I find something that interests me, I could spend my entire spare time researching that topic in depth. Nothing made me feel better than self-educating myself on ways to improve my health and wellbeing and sharing my newfound knowledge with other people.

Tapping into all of the things that genuinely made me happy ultimately led me to enroll at IIN, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and completing my health coaching certification, followed by specializations in hormonal health and gut health.

The Art of Aging Well

The Mindful Glow Method combines all-natural rejuvenation techniques for improving your health, appearance, and longevity. My coaching programs form a bridge between ancient Taoist rejuvenation techniques and modern medicine approaches, helping you radiate from deep within. 

I studied under extremely knowledgable Savina Atai, who worked with thousands of women all around the world, helping them ignite their hormones and rejuvenate naturally.

There is no reason for you to fear aging. When you mindfully connect to your cyclical nature and balance your hormones, your body will work with you to improve your appearance, performance, and pleasure.  With a holistic approach to mindset, nutrition, movement, and rejuvenation techniques, Mindful Glow is the art of aging well. 

Where to next?

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The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I have completed my health coaching certification at IIN, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I also completed specializations in hormonal health and gut health.

Certified by Savina Atai x Mantak Chia

Under Savina Atai and Master Mantak Chia, I have finished all of the certified courses in Tao Mastery School. Their revolutionary Tao Woman Lifting is the base of my program.

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