1:1 Mindful Glow Guidance

90-minute consultation to discover what your body needs

My 90-minute consultations are a great choice for you, if you’re thinking of working with a lifestyle and health coach, but not sure what your body needs; all you know is that something needs to change in order to feel better. We’ll do a complete body scan related to your issues, address any existing blocks and talk about how you can achieve the transformation you want in a way that suits YOU.


Find your balance with mindful steps and practices that will make you feel good in your skin.


Help your body heal by giving it exactly what it needs to keep supporting you through life.


Expand past your limiting beliefs and patters, that prevented you from leaning into your power.

Why Choose Mindful Glow?

Feeling your best in your body is a process that requires a lot of healing and changes in your lifestyle, nutrition, and mindset. Skin issues, weight gain, hormonal problems, and lack of focus are all manifestations of something deeper that can elude you completely.

Trust me, I know how you feel; I experienced it all, and even to this day, I keep searching for the best tools and practices to overcome these issues. Often we seek solutions that will ease our symptoms – the next face cream or detox tea, when in fact we should be cultivating a holistic self-care practice.

This can be challenging, but it’s absolutely necessary if you want to take responsibility for your health, well-being, and success in your own hands. Our 90-minute sessions offer accountability and guidance on how to take the first step in the direction of your new radiant self.

Health & Nutrition coaching is perfect for you if you experience:

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Secure your spot by  booking a non-obligatory Discovery call so I can get to know you and see how I can help.

What to expect from our 1:1 sessions?

Before the session, I will send you an in-debt questionnaire about your past or current health issues, fears, daily habits, and how you react when faced with different challenges. You’ll describe your desired transformation; paving the imaginary path on what you want to manifest into the physical world. Your answers will help you initiate the transformation process and help me prepare for our 90-minute session.

During the session, we will dive deeper into your blocks, challenges, and symptoms. I will provide you with guidance based on your bio-individual nature. We’ll look at how nutrition, supplements, stress relief techniques, and mindset changes can serve you as potent tools to enhance your life. You already have everything you need inside you; my role is to help you enlighten the way towards your personal transformation.

24 hours after our initial session you’ll receive a personalized PDF guide with different tools and practices tailored to your unique needs. It can include holistic nutrition tips, supplement or herb recommendations, journal prompts, meditations, deep healing rituals, breathing techniques, acupressure points, and further reading recommendations.

*1:1 sessions can be held in English, French or Slovenian language

Investment for one 1:1 session

144€ for a personalized plan and 1x 90-min guidance session.

Each individual Mindful Glow Guidance consists of one 1:1 90-minutes session and 90-minutes of preparation on my side. This option is great for you if you’re seeking for some general direction.

Investment for three 1:1 sessions

289€ for a personalized plan, and 3x personalized sessions.

The 3 session package is ideal if you’re facing more health concerns and need more accountability when addressing them. It includes an initial 90-minute consultation and two 60-minute follow-up sessions.

What's is included

Searching for a more profound shift?

For more support and guidance through your mindset and your well-being transformation, I offer a 12-week Mindful Glow coaching program that gradually addresses the changes, keeps you accountable, and hold space for your incremental transformation. 

The 12 weeks coaching program is based on the principles of 5 Women Within You inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and Juicy Hacking, a revolutionary approach to wellbeing and rejuvenation through three golden cycles of nature (seasons, menstrual cycle, circadian rhythm).

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I have completed my health coaching certification at IIN, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I also completed specializations in hormonal health and gut health.

Certified by Savina Atai x Mantak Chia

Under Savina Atai and Master Mantak Chia, I have finished all of the certified courses in Tao Mastery School. Their revolutionary rejuventation methods are the base of my programs.