5 Women Within You: Discover your inner Mage, Visionary, Mesmerizer, Healer, and Empress

5 Women Within You

The 5 Women Framework is a modern interpretation of the ancient 5 Element theory, tailored to the needs of a modern woman. It combines the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and current holistic approaches to health and wellness.

Did you know there are 5 Women Within You? If your partner knew this, he or she would never look at another woman again ;). Let’s learn how each of them can influence your day-to-day life and guide you on the path to become a truly RADIANT WOMAN. 

The wisdom of Traditional Chinese medicine for modern women

5 Women Framework is an integral part of the “Juicy Hacking System” developed by Savina Atai and Taoist master Mantak Chia.

It is based on traditional Chinese medicine and the five elements theory that recognizes Wood (木 mù), Fire (火 huǒ), Earth (土 tǔ), Metal (金 jīn), and Water (水 shuǐ) as the fundamental building blocks of everything in the Universe. 

Within the 5 Women Framework, we use Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM) as a tool to create the most effective treatment plans according to your elemental reading and unique personality.

Even though each element has its own energy and is most active through different seasons and times of the day, it continually interacts with other elements. Together they form different relationships and cycles, either supporting or destroying each other. 

These interactions directly impact our health, creating balance and imbalance in our organs that can show up on the surface, especially our faces. To make this ancient and complex subject easy to understand, we use the 5 Women framework to explain how 5 elements still remain relevant to modern women today.

Uncovering the 5 Women within you

As a holistic approach to female health, the 5 Women Framework helps you improve your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Each of the 5 Women within you watches over different parts of your life – from finding love to spiritual growth. 

The Visionary = Wood (木 mù) – Your career

The Mesmerizer = Fire (火 huǒ) – Your partnerships

The Healer = Earth (土 tǔ) – Your overall health

The Empress = Metal (金 jīn) – Your abundance

The Mage = Water (水 shuǐ) – Connection with yourself

When all of them are awakened and nourished, you become “A Radiant Woman” – the most powerful, abundant, and magnetic version of yourself. This unity helps you embody all of their elemental superpowers and tap into your highest potential day after day. 

Because every “Woman” governs over different organs, emotions, virtues, and seasons, we can quickly see which one of them is balanced, weak, or overactive if you know where to look. According to these readings, we can create a holistic health plan tailored to your specific needs.


Most active in March and April

The Visionary within you connects to the wood element and governs over spring and your liver. She is also in charge of your vision and career, making you super focused, productive and innovative when nourished and balanced. 

Is the Visionary the most prominent Woman in you?

  • The Visionaries are like trees, rooted deep in their beliefs, but still focus on growth and new challenges. Their bodies are thin, lean, and elegant, their faces long and slender.


Most active in May, June, and July

The Mesmerizer represents the element of fire and takes care of your heart. Her energy takes over at the beginning of summer and is responsible for watching over the relationships in your life. It blesses you with self-confidence, passion, and attractiveness when in perfect harmony. 

Is the Mesmerizer the most prominent Woman in you?

  • The Mesmerizer is a lot like a crackling fire; enchanting, energetic, and passionate. They beam with fun, excitement, and charisma. Their bodies are slender and well-proportioned, with prominent cheekbones and pointy beards.


Most active in February and August

The Healer in you is associated with the Earth element and is responsible for the transitions between the seasons. She regulates the function of your spleen and is responsible for your overall physical health. When balanced, it gifts you the ability to juggle between all your roles as a woman effortlessly.

Is the Healer the most prominent Woman in you?

  • The Healers are often shorter in stature but have curvier bodies that are shaped like a pear. They have square faces with prominent jaws and often larger features. They have warm, nurturing, and thoughtful personalities.


Most active in October and beginning of November

The Empress within you is linked to the element of metal and the autumn. She regulates the function of your lungs and represents the abundance in your life. When balanced, the Empress helps you set healthy boundaries, express yourself clearly, and opens a path to forgiveness.

Is the Empress the most prominent Woman in you?

  • The Empress is honorable, faithful, and righteous by nature. She often has a pale complexion, straight hair, and an oval face with defined and thin facial features. Her body is strong, muscular, and rarely gains a lot of weight.


Most active from the end of November until the end of January

The Mage within you represents the element of water and is associated with winter and your kidneys. She is responsible for your connection with yourself and provides you with deep rejuvenation and renewal when balanced.

Is the Mage the most prominent Woman in you?

  • The Mage enjoys her peace and quiet, often seeking solitude to sit with her thoughts. Both her face and her body tend to be rounder and softer. She usually has big eyes that are curious but determined, just like her nature.

How to start activating the 5 Women within you?

The Visionary, Mesmerizer, Healer, Empress, and Mage within you all respond and relate to different approaches to achieve balance. 

From nutrition and lifestyle to face exercise, there is an abundance of different holistic techniques you can use to ignite each of the 5 Women residing within. 

Joining these techniques and rituals into a consistent holistic practice can have a long-term effect on your wellbeing, appearance, and feeling good in your own skin.

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